Who we are

The idea of a safe hand/activation weight became a reality, when Evo Activation Oy was founded on the19th of September, 2016. At the moment our company’s team consists of 5 people, who manufacture safe products for exercise and rehabilitation.

Our business premises are located in the city of Huittinen, Finland, where all our products are designed, assembled, packaged and inspected. The neoprene body of the hand weight is handmade in Cairo, Egypt, from where they are delivered to us in Finland.

What we do


We want to develop Finnish knowledge of wellbeing and export it to the whole world. We design and manufacture innovative products and services for muscle activation.

Our first product in our product family, the Evo- activation weights, stand out from normal hand weights with its features. Its weight, made of soft neoprene fabric, won´t hurt its user or damage surroundings if dropped. Hand strap guarantees excellent hold even if your grip strength has weakened.

For whom

Our products are made for muscle activation at home, work or during vacation. They are made for people of all ages, are suitable for different forms of rehabilitation, every day exercise, muscle activation and also as a part of your interior design.
Our products are meant as an aid in private as well as in public areas of healthcare.


Regular muscle activation maintains good physical performance, which makes everyday life more enjoyable and we get through daily physical challenges more easily. Good physical performance enables social interaction and keeps your mind alert.

In addition muscle activation:
– improves concentration and memory
– prevents depression, dementia as well as ADHD
– increases creativity
– prevents stress
– improves the quality of your sleep
– helps to speed up physical recovery and minimises the risk of injury


1. An invention that improves health

I studied to become a sport masseuse and a personal trainer because I was concerned for my own health and the health of my loved ones. When I was working as a masseuse in a Fitness center called Tzemppi, owned by Jani Rajala, I invented a “power bag” which activates muscles. During that time, I promised my mother that I would make it into a finished product, that she could use to improve her health.

2. Product development goes forward

One time at the gym I saw an older person drop an iron dumbbell, which fortunately fell next to his leg. This incident gave me an idea of a soft hand weight suitable for everyone which would also be safe to use. I told my mother that I had invented a product which would be suitable for her to use safely. Soon after that we started stitching up sand filled prototypes in our kitchen.

3. Design and name are formed

I definitely wanted to create a power bag so elegant that it could be displayed. Once the product is on display, it will also be used. I introduced my prototype to Jani Rajamäki, who studied product design and he was inspired to create a design accordingly. At the same time, the name was born: Evo Activation Weight.

4. Choosing materials

Common dumbbells are often hard to hold and uncomfortable, and holding them requires a surprisingly high grip strength. What if your grip strength has weakened? I decided that Evo activation weights should be of a soft material, feel comfortable in the hand, be easy to hold and have a sturdy hand strap which supports grip.

5. Manufacturer is found

Finding a manufacturer for such a product was not easy. It seemed like a prototype product of the design could not be manufactured in Finland and that costs would get out of hand. I was already beginning to give up until my old contact, Kamal Khalil from Egypt, was inspired by our idea. After many challenges, a reliable manufacturer was found in Cairo.

6. Evo activation weight is born

The idea became a real product and our company was established on September the 19th, 2016 when Evo Activation Oy was founded. We have created a hand weight that is safe, easy to use, and great-looking. The journey has been long, but the story has just begun. My biggest achievement, however, is that after many years, I can share Evo activation weights with my mother and you.

– CEO Sami Mäkinen