Evo- activation weight

Evo -activation weight is a new innovative product for muscle activation.

Used material is strong and soft neoprene-fabric
Hand strap guarantees excellent hold, even if your grip strength has weakened
Evo- activation weights are designed to fit all sized hands
This handcrafted design product is also suitable for display
If dropped, Evo activation weight won´t hurt its user or damage floor surfaces

Product information

Evo Activation Oy manufactures Evo activation weights which are easy to use, of high quality and also elegant. These products are well-suited for different kinds of rehabilitation forms, everyday exercising, muscle activation and also as a part of interior design.

Evo activation weights are designed for everyone, in spite of the person’s age or fitness level. This product suits especially users whose grip strength is low. Over hand strap is designed to help product handling and improves hold. Try it yourself, and feel how comfortable the grip feels.

We have also paid specific attention to safety when we designed the Evo activation weights. The surface of our product is soft neoprene fabric, which forms perfectly into the hand of its user. If dropped, unlike other products made of hard material (such as metal or plastic), Evo activation weights won´t damage floor surfaces or its user.

Evo activation weights are made by hand to ensure long time usage, durability and high quality.

Package content: 2 pcs activation weights, instruction/user manual
Product information: neoprene, polypropylene, polyester, sand
Color: black
Weight: 1150g (Upcoming new weight 800g)
Manufacturer: Evo Activation Oy, Risto Rytin katu 11, 32700 Huittinen, Finland
Product of: Finland, Egypt

Why activate muscles?

You have over 600 muscles. You need them when you walk, run, lift your hands up and even when you breathe. If you forget to activate your muscles, they will start to deteriorate. Your muscles become smaller and your strength weakens.

By activating your muscles, you get blood and metabolic waste moving. As a result: